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About Us - Rainbow Star Books

Rainbow Star Inc. was established  in 2005 by Speech-Language Pathologist Michelle Zimmerman.  Her love of language, children, and books inspired the creation of her publishing company Rainbow Star Books in 2007.  The business was initially developed because of the growing need of listener friendly resources for the special needs population.  However, Rainbow Star Books builds on her commitment to the community by providing educational programs for all children with and without disabilities.  Children are our brightest stars.  Each little being is a brilliant creation. They shine of promise, potential, and possibilities as endless as a rainbow.  Rainbow Star Books believes that reading truly is the foundation of education.  We feature engaging stories to highlight the joy of books while improving reading readiness skills.  The company's mission is to help children shine their brightest through language, literacy, laughter, and love.  To reach this goal, we are dedicated to empowering families, educators, and extended caregivers with a full spectrum of multimedia teaching tools with each publication. 



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