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Family Fun - Laughter & Love

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Some of the best ways for our children to learn is through play and sharing with the ones they love.  Read the book Can't Catch a Butterfly to your kid.  But don't stop the butterfly lesson there!  Below please find many exciting butterfly activities to explore together as a family with LAUGHTER AND LOVE.  Enjoy...


Fun Learning Strategies 

Click on the book cover to order your copy of Can't Catch a Butterfly.  Be sure to click here to find numerous ways to build your child's language and learning skills with this story.


  Here's some outdoor fun for the entire family!  Click here to create a butterfly sanctuary in your own backyard.

 Learning Activity Sheets

Click here to download FREE learning activities for the book "Can't Catch a Butterfly".  Printables include lessons on color identification, size concepts, identifying quantity, and sound awareness.  Parents will have fun helping their children fill out a word search for the story. 



Explore the life cycle of a butterfly with a butterfly raising kit! Don't wait for your caterpillar shipment to arrive.  Start the terrific transformation now!  Children can get ready for their critter visitors with their very own personalized butterfly emergence cage.  They can watch a caterpillar change into a butterfly... then release it in the sky! 

Click here for instructions on how to make a butterfly in a box and links to order your caterpillars.

COLORING SHEETS Click here  to download FREE coloring sheets for the story "Can't Catch a Butterfly".  Coloring provides children numerous opportunities to use their creativity with colors and improve fine motor skills.  Children love it when you hang up their artwork!  It encourages pointing and labeling skills for the youngest child and relating experiences for the older ones.

Butterfly World Coloring Book:  Butterfly World in Florida is the largest butterfly facility in the world today. They provide a wonderful "Butterfly World for Kids" section on their website.   Their coloring sheets offer an unusual combination layout of a colored illustration backdrop of a tree/flower then a butterfly for your child to color.

Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly: Animal Facts website offers a FREE wonderful one-page coloring sheet with each stage of the miracle metamorphisis.  They offer a choice with or without words.  They also provide an individual coloring page of the caterpillar stage, chryslis stage and the butterfly stage. 

Children's Butterfly Site: This site also offers printable coloring pages on the life cycle.  These sheets offer places for an early writer to write the stages and describe the phase.  On this website the "Bug Doctor" answers questions from children about butterflies.


GAMES/SONGS/CRAFTS Click here to find just of a few of my favorite games, songs, and crafts.  You will also find links to some other great resources. 

Butterfly Hunt: Childen love going on an Easter Egg Hunt.  Here's an activity that's sure to capture your child's attention!  Take a net and some play butterflies.  If you don't have plastic butterflies you can make them out of construction paper.  Hide the butterflies in your backyard or around the house.  Whoever "catches" the most butterflies wins!!!


Journey North for Kids website is loaded with stories, activities, videos, pictures, and slideshows about monarch butterflies.  Watch the amazing video clip "A Butterfly is Born" with your child.  They will want to see it again and again! 




Color Identification


Butterfly World: This website offers a wonderful downloadable picture "book" of every color butterfly imaginable!  Did you know that there is a pink butterfly?  Staple pages together and have your child name the colors! This activity helps children with color identification.

Enchanted Learning:  This company features a short printable coloring book for early readers about colors.  The pages are:  This butterfly is blue, yellow, red, pink, orange, green, brown, gray, stripes, and dots.  This product is offered for a small fee.



Click here for reasons to capture a live butterfly! 




Catch the reading bug!  Take a trip to your local library and check out more books about butterflies.  Click here to find a butterfly book  list.

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