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  Literacy Speaks is a program developed by Keli Richmond, a speech-language pathologist who specializes in early literacy development.  Her innovative design teaches children letter-to-sound correlations and introduces children to essential sight words with a sound targeted approach.  Her website is teacher heaven and a must see for all educators!!  Her pages are loaded with teaching activities for every letter of the alphabet..and much more! 

Music By Mommies Inc. is a company formed by caring mothers who share my vision of brightening the lives of parents and children.  They produce music designed to guide children through daily activities like brushing teeth, getting dressed and cleaning-up.  If you are looking for music to get motivated, check out this site!!
  Meghan's World is a true story of one  child's triumph over Sensory Processing Disorder.  This inspirational book offers numerous SPD references and resources for parents/teachers.  Meghan's World was written by Meghan's mother, Diane Renna, to bring hope and inspiration to children and families suffering with SPD.  As she writes on her dedication page, "To all children and families dealing with SPD...You will see the rainbow."  
Mamanista  is a hip mommy blog-site dedicated to providing product reviews, parenting news, and gift ideas.  The mommies behind Mamanista are passionate about children, motherhood and family life.  They'll keep you coming back for more chic and practical tips.  A must visit for every mama!

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