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Hi Michelle,  Your presentation was phenomenal!  You really had all the kindergartners as well as first graders engaged and participating.  Thank you for a very informative and entertaining presentation.
Esta Jacobskind, Librarian
Hegarty Elementary School
Island Park, NY

Dear Ms. Zimmerman,  On behalf of Gloria D. Rocchio, President of the Ward Melville Heritage Organization, and the entire staff of the Educational and Cultural Center, we offer sincere thanks for participating in our, "Hot Cocoa and Marshmellows Childrens' Series".  The morning was a wonderful success, exhibited by the huge smiles, laughter, and delightful enthusiasm exhibited by all of the children, as well as their caregivers.  Words of praise were heard as they left the building.  We truly enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you again. Sincerely,
Kelly McCallum, Director
WMHO Educational and Cultural Center
Stony Brook, NY

Dear Michelle, Your "Butterfly Program" went beyond my expectations.  The children were mesmerized from the beginning until the end.  It was educational, fun, and allowed the children the opportunity to use their imaginations.  This is something that is so desperately needed in our early childhood classrooms.  Your passion for early literacy was evident as you read your book, "Can't Catch a Butterfly" to the class.  A great time was had by all as we went on the butterfly hunt and made butterfly necklaces.  However, your "pot of gold" had my staff and I in stitches.  It is a day we will all remember.  Thank you for all your hard work, and for making a difference in the lives of our children.  I am already looking forward to our next visit in May, 2011.  May God continue to bless you in all your future endeavors.  Regards,
Risa Favichia, Preschool Director
Sunshine Nursery School
Center Moriches, NY

Dear Michelle, Thank you for a fun packed, energetic program with our 3 to 6 year olds at Southampton Montessori School.  The children enjoyed all of the fun butterfly activities but, most of all, they loved your storytelling of "Can't Catch a Butterfly".  With best regards,
Irene Hope Gazza, Director
Preschool and Kindergarten Classes
Southampton Montessori School
Southampton, NY

We are writing to thank you for sharing your knowledge of butterflies, publishing, and performance art with our class.  The children were inspired by your love of writing and nature.  The combination of activities that you planned for our students kept them engaged and enthusiastic.  We were so pleased with your presentation and plan to have you back year after year.  Love,
J. Corey and M. Williams, First Grade Teachers
Jericho Elementary School
Centereach, NY

I would like to thank you for putting together such a terrific program.  The children enjoyed every minute of your presentation and even the parents were entertained.  Your costume is so colorful and you are so animated that you held the children's attention throughout the event.  Your props: the wings for the children to wear, the flannelboard butterflies, the butterfly fingerpuppets, the nets and cut-out butterflies for the children to catch, the colorful parachute and the blow-up butterflies, as well as the reading of your story "Can't Catch a Butterfly" all work to create a fanciful and wonderful program for young children.  
Dianne Roberts, Head of Children's Services
Longwood Public Library
Middle Island, NY

Hi Michelle, Everyone RAVED about the birthday party.  You were wonderful and we thank you for making Ava's 4th birthday such a memorable one.
Nissequogue, NY

I just stopped by to send a note of thanks.  I had the pleasure of attending your program at the Longwood Public Library yesterday.  My two children had so much fun!  After reading your story on your website about how Rainbow Star Books came about, I was so moved.  My little boy Daniel (who was with me yesterday) is Autistic.  He's a "graduate" of the Suffolk Co. Early Intervention Program.  So now, DOUBLE thanks are headed your way.  EI was such a blessing for our family.  It's such a great thing that you do.  Keep up the GREAT work.  And as my Dad likes to say..."There's a beautiful place in heaven for Special Educators".  Thank You.
Sue K.
Middle Island, NY

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for the fantastic butterfly presentation that Michelle Zimmerman provided for our kindergarten students.  We were very impressed with her knowledge of butterflies and their migratory behavior.  Ms. Zimmerman had a great rapport with the children and kept them involved and engaged throughout the entire program.  She was well-prepared with colorful materials, props and hands-on activities.  We highly recommend Ms. Zimmerman and her "Can't Catch a Butterfly" presentation to any primary school.  We will be sure to have her back again next year!  Sincerely,
Kerri Maloney, Kindergarten Teacher...

and all the Barton Kindergarten Teachers
Barton Elementary
Patchogue, NY

WOW!  I loved your presentation, more to the point the children of Nehemiah's House loved your event.  From your wonderful book to the fun activities...the children were engaged, entertained and educated.  As the parents came to pick up their children, they were excitedly telling them about "The Butterfly Lady".  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience and joy with our children.  Sincerely,
Linda Lewter, Sunday School Supervisor
Upper Room Christian World Center
Dix Hills, NY

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful presentation at Nehemiah's House last Sunday.  Our children were truly blessed for you to be part of their Sunday school service.  Although the group of about 75 children ranged from 3 to 7 years old, you kept them ALL engrossed from the beginning to the end.  When the room was opened and they saw the colorful "parachute" and butterflies scattered on the floor, they were mesmerized.  I simply had to get a copy of your book for my 6 year old niece to read to her younger sister.  As a teacher, I know it's no simple task to have a large group of children engaged for about 45 minutes, but YOU DID IT!!!  Much success to you Michelle.  THANKS!  
Deborah Beckford, Sunday School Supervisor
Upper Room Christian World Center
Dix Hills, NY

Michelle, I wanted to thank you for visiting our students at Rising Star this year.  It was a special event for our kindergarteners.  The children loved meeting a real author and learning more about your book, Can't Catch a Butterfly.  The activities that you incorporated into the presentation touched each child in a special way.  It was a fun and exciting day for all of us.  Thank you for investing the time into a truly magical program.  I hope that you will be able to visit us again in the years to come to share your love of writing and books.  Fondly,
Shelly Handke, Librarian
Rising Star Elementary
Platte City, MO

Michelle, I just wanted to thank you again for coming to our school yesterday.  I LOVED your program and I know the kids enjoyed it as well.  We feel so honored and blessed to have met you and enjoyed hearing all about your book and butterflies!
Rachel Avolese, Kindergarten Teacher
Our Savior New American School
Centereach, NY

Dear Michelle, Thank you for visiting our pre-school and nursery school.  The children absolutely loved your program.  I highly recommend your book and program to any school or parent with a pre-schooler.  The children especially enjoyed dressing up like butterflies and making a butterfly to take home.  I wish you luck with your future books and hope to read the sequel!!! Sincerely,
Francina Lizak, Director
TLC Day Care
Merrick, NY

Hi Michelle, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful performance that you provided to our Head Start program yesterday.  The activities that you engaged the children in were exciting, educational, and enjoyable.  A great time was had by all.
Christine Curra, Education Manager
Glen Cove Child Day Care Center, Inc.
Glen Cove, NY

Dear Michelle,
The program that you presented to the 1st grade classes at Mulvey Elementary was phenomenal!  It was obvious that you have worked hard on creating an exciting, enriching, and age-appropriate program.  I loved how your presentation addressed all the types of multiple intelligences:  visual/spatial (your video), verbal/linguistic (I wouldn't expect anything less from a speech/pathologist!), logical/mathematical (catching the butterflies), musical/rhythmic (finger plays), interpersonal (your story), and intrapersonal (the concept of dreaming).  Your attention to these components and the details were superb!  As an independent speech/language provider, you have touched the lives of numerous children and their families "45 minutes" at a time.  As an author and educator, you instill a passion for literacy enabling each child to shine their brightest!  Congrats!
Selena Colon, Bilingual Special Educator
Marguerite L. Mulvey School
Central Islip, NY

Michelle Zimmerman is a breath of fresh air.  Her book "Can't Catch a Butterfly" is an adorable story which all of my students enjoyed.  Her butterfly program is not only entertaining but educational.  I plan on inviting Michelle back next year and the year after that...and after that!
Maria Guercio, Director
Prime Time Pre-School
Kings Park, NY

Michelle's program was presented to our first graders.  They have been studying butterflies as part of their science curriculum.  Michelle's inclusion of butterfly migration was outstanding.  
Carol Cinelli, P.E. Teacher, Arts-In-Education Chair
Mulvey Elementary
Central Islip, NY

Dear Michelle, Your program is phenomenal!  The students had an amazing time.  We didn't want you to leave.  You keep the kids guessing - they never know what fun you are going to have them do next -singing, dancing, creating their own art and even catching their own butterflies; it was a well spent hour.  I don't know who had more fun, the students or the teachers.  The smiles tell the biggest tales when it comes to 3-5 yr. olds and by the looks on their faces you won their hearts.  We want to make this program a yearly springtime event. I would recommend your program to anyone who works with children.  On a personal note: "Can't Catch a Butterfly" is my 2 yr. old daughter's new favorite book.  She asks for it by name and every night at bedtime she "reads" it to me.
Sarah Mendenhall-Luhmer, Director
East Quogue United Methodist Church Nursery School
East Quogue, NY

Michelle, we want to thank you for helping to give our daughter Angelina the most fantastic Butterfly Birthday Party ever!  So many times in the course of the day we looked around and saw all the kids smiling from ear to ear and laughing.  What is better than that...?  A bunch of smiling little angels!  Your program was the perfect mix of education and FUN!  We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and for sharing your talent and creativity with us all.  Angelina's 7th Birthday was so very special. With lots of love,
Michael, Victoria, and Angelina
Valley Stream, NY

 Hi, My name is Justin and I'm 6 years old.  I loved the book Can't Catch a Butterfly very much.  Please can you make another one...maybe you can call it Butterflies fly away.  Thanks,
Justin C.
Long Island, NY

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you at the Center Moriches Special Education Parent/Teachers Association Fair.  I shared our story about our son, Maxwell, who passed away.  You signed your book "Can't Catch a Butterfly" for my son Griffin.  It is his favorite book!  He reads it to me every night.  He loves that the little boy in your book is named "Max".  Thank you again, it was a pleasure.
Diane Corey
Center Moriches, NY

Michelle Zimmerman's presentation of her book Can't Catch a Butterfly was enchanting.  From her delightful appearance, to her props, to the butterfly wings for the children and all of the activities she made available ...everyone was very busy and thoroughly enjoyed it.  She captivated the children who ranged from 2 to 4 years old.  As both a teacher and grandmother, I found her author visit most rewarding and educational.  The best part is that my grandchildren ask me to read the story over and over again.  It has now become Keira's favorite!
Janet Pickett, Teacher
Patchogue Cooperative Nursery School
Patchogue, NY

Hi Michelle, we all enjoyed meeting you at the Carle Place Author and Illustrator Night.  My 3 year old daughter loves your book.  She wants me to read it every night because she likes to pick out all of the color names.  We might finally have it down pat thanks to your book!  Fondly 
The Selhorns
Long Island, NY

I was first introduced to the "Can't Catch a Butterfly" program at a birthday party that my daughter had attended.  I actually "donated" a day of Ms. Zimmerman's presentation to my daughter's preschool and they were so excited!  The children had such a wonderful time.  The program kept their interest and even more shy children got involved.  I am still receiving thanks and compliments from the parents, teachers, and school administrators.  Everyone loved Ms. Zimmerman and her butterflies!
Kim Catello
Ronkonkoma, NY

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job you did at my daughters 2nd birthday party.  Everyone had such an amazing time because of your program.  I loved that it was something that all the children could enjoy being of different ages and that it was educational for them.  They all looked so cute with their butterfly necklaces they made!  They were so excited to have their own copy of your book signed by you.  It will truly be a party that we will remember.  Thank you again.
Marguerite Garguilo
Centereach, NY

Your website is GREAT! Your book is exceptional.  It is obvious that you care about making a difference in the lives of children.  I hope to see more Rainbow Star Books soon!
Keli Richmond, Speech-Language Pathologist

It was a pleasure meeting you at a recent fair.  I think what you have done with your publishing company is amazing and I love supporting children's authors, especially local ones who are as friendly as you are!  Congratulations on writing and publishing such a great book.  CLICK HERE FOR BOOK REVIEW
Candace Lindemann, Editor

Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for the wonderful storytime today at Borders Bookstore.  My daughter, Gianna, absolutely loves your book "Can't Catch a Butterfly".  Even though she is only four months old, I read it to her all the time.  Her eyes light up from the colorful pictures.  We really enjoyed meeting you and especially enjoyed all the great activities you had planned.  Thank you again, we look forward to more adventures to come!
Amanda Morelli
Dix Hills, NY

Thank you for visiting our school!  The children had such a wonderful time.  My own children and I have been enjoying your book and the colorful illustrations since your author visit.  In fact, my son was reluctant to allow me to lend your book to my daughter's teacher!  We look forward to more Michelle Zimmerman books!
Rebecca Keenan, Teacher
Patchogue Cooperative Nursery School
Patchogue, NY

I just finished reading about the inspiration behind Rainbow Star Books.  The story of Christopher is beautiful.  I hope scientists look further into a cure for children who suffer from this horrible disease.  God Bless you Michelle, and may you keep bringing RAINBOWS and SUNSHINE to the lives of others.
Robin Zalewski
Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc.
Farmingville, New York

Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for having your book signing event here at Sweetbriar.  Your energy and enthusiasm for butterflies, children and life is admirable...astonishing too!!!  Happy Trails from the Sweetbriar Family
Eric Young
Education Coordinator, Sweetbriar Nature Center
Smithtown, NY

"Can't Catch a Butterfly" is an adorable read aloud!  
Angela Peters
Manorville, New York

The students in my class will love this book!
Lora Buck
Rockville Centre, New York

Michelle, Ben loved Can't Catch a Butterfly!  He loved looking for the butterflies and reminiscencing about the one he "let go".  Congratulations on a great book.
Andrea Mortillay
Massapequa, New York

My son had such a wonderful time at your book launch celebration at Sweetbriar Nature Center.  He enjoyed it so much that he brought your book to school for show and tell (for the letter B).   He did a skit in front of the class on how to catch butterflies! 
Janet Russell
Selden, NY

My son thoroughly enjoyed your "Meet the Author" visit at the Middle Country Library last week! He got a kick out of the indoor butterfly hunt!  "Can't Catch a Butterfly" is a fun story.  He keeps looking for all the butterflies at the end of the book!  
The Madden Family
Centereach, New York

Michelle, Thank you for putting out such a wonderful book.  To hear my daughter "read" it to herself brightens my day.  "Can't Catch a Butterfly" is one of her favorites.
Shannon Hofmann
Farmingville, New York

Hi Michelle, This is a great site!  I found you today when researching for an article on how reading aloud improves a number of aspects in one's life and I found your article on how reading aloud affects children.  Thank you for presenting such a wonderful list.  Brava!  
Co-founder of Voices.com
Stephanie Ciccarelli
Ontario, Canada

I love the book and especially the inspiration behind it...the rainbow pic gives me goosebumps!  God is grand!  Congratulations and blessings.
Barbara Leach
Leawood, Kansas

I wanted to tell you that my son Daniel, who is 6 years old and on the autistic spectrum, absolutely LOVES your book.  We read it every night and use it to elicit a lot of language out of him.  Daniel brought the book in to his kindergarten class at Glenwood Landing and read it to his classmates.  They loved it too!
Michele Purcell
Glen Head, New York

I've read "Can't Catch a Butterfly" to my two-year old son and he loved it!  The fact that the colors are so vivid and the pictures are so big helped keep my son focused on the story. It's a great touch that the pages have complete color versus a plain white background!  I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great story and a creative way to keep your child engaged in a learning tool.  
The Deratus Family
Coram, New York

Your presentation of "butterfly fun" was a refreshing alternative for a kindergarten graduation party.  I just want to thank you for inspiring my five year old daughter.  She woke up the day after your visit and matter of factly told me that she was writing a book called Bugs World and that she was going to have a party so she could read her story to everyone!
The Ochoa Family
Platte City, Missouri

Philip loved the Butterfly Party at the end of the school year!  He reads his autographed book at least once a week "all by myself"!  His beautiful butterfly craft is on our refrigerator as a lovely reminder of a wonderful time.  
Philip Stine and Mom
Platte City, Missouri

Hello Michelle! My son is in 6th grade now.  He doesn't remember early intervention services with you...but I do.  You were the BEST!
Lisa Cohen
St. James, New York

Michelle delivered a very enthusiastic reading of her book "Can't Catch a Butterfly" at the  Longwood Estate BUTTERFLY DAY. 
Dina Carey
Long Island, New York

We loved the kindergarten graduation party with the reading of your book Can't Catch a Butterfly and all the butterfly related games.  We will bring your book home with us to the Czech Republic  and tell all of our friends and relatives in Sweden and the Czech Republic about it.  Thank You!
The Von Unge Family
Setauket, New York
Czech Republic

You're book is just adorable!  I loved the energy and excitement of all of the children at the recent summer butterfly party.  My three year old son was one of the youngest kids there but he was sitting right up front during your reading and saying the words along with you.  It made my day.
The Saputo Family
South Setauket, New York

The kids are still talking about the butterfly party!  They both say, "I loved reading "Can't Catch a Butterfly" with Michelle and making the butterfly craft".  Their plastic bag butterflies are still "fluttering around" the house!
Ginny Kelsey
Greenwood, Missouri

My daughter Sarah simply loved the surprise butterfly hunt at the summer butterfly party!  I've never seen her move so fast!  Thank you for an afternoon of fun!
Paula Friedman
Stony Brook, New York

The girls loved your story and all of your butterfly games at the butterfly party... especially being "wrapped" in a cocoon!  (The mom loved the crafts too!)
Karen Greek
Stony Brook, New York

Our son is in third grade now and no longer needs speech help thanks to Michelle.  God sent a miracle when He sent her to us.  She helped give us our "rainbow".
Kelly Bennett
Lake Ronkonkoma, New York

During the pool time at the butterfly party, my daughter was in the water watching your every move and said, "I had soo much fun with her!"  Thank you for your wonderful storytime and games.
Laura Gallozzi
Stony Brook, New York

We all loved the butterfly hunt at the recent butterfly party!  My daughter enjoyed trying to "catch" the most butterflies.  PS:  The butterfly cookies were fantastic!  
Lisa Yoos
Stony Brook, New York

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