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Reading to your child is one of the most powerful gifts you could ever give them.  Here are just a few of my favorite reasons to read a book to your youngster.                              

  • Children yearn to get their loved one's undivided attention.  Reading a book out loud is all about snuggling, cuddling,  sharing, and bonding.  Book time becomes a daily routine that wonderful memories are made of.   Make it a bedtime tradition.

  • Reading aloud increases a child's attending and listening skills. 

  • Reading books aloud can be more exciting than any TV program!  Children get to watch a "live" storyteller with real-life expressions, vocalizations and gestures.  Your enthusiasm will surely transport them to special places and events.

  • As a speech-language pathologist,  I'm in the business of helping children talk.  You'll never find my therapy bag without a book inside!  Books build vocabulary, comprehension, and language skills.    Reading aloud prepares a child to read and write.  I even use books to help children improve their speech development. 

  • By reading the same story over and over you will soon find your young child taking the book and "reading" the story back to you or to themselves.  Memorizing a great read aloud helps your child learn sentence structure and the connection between the oral/printed word.

  • Reading aloud improves your child's creativity and imagination.

  • Reading aloud encourages your child to become their own storyteller.

  • Books are great teachers of different emotions like sadness, fear, anger, and joy.

  • Wonderful discussions can follow reading!  Ask your child questions about a story.  You will find your child beginning to ask you questions! This is an optimum time to relate a book to your child's own life or to personal issues at home. 

  •  Click here to find numerous read-aloud strategies to use with the story CAN'T CATCH A BUTTERFLYYou will also find loads of butterfly activities, games, songs and crafts to continue the learning theme.






If you want a wonderful parenting book on reading aloud to children then here it is...  The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.  It's packed with all of the whys to read aloud, when to begin, the stages of reading aloud, and a list of do's and don'ts.  He includes a list of favorite read-aloud books.  The best part about his handbook is that all of his information is backed up by solid research findings.  Don't take just my word for it!  Above is the link with a review article of Jim Trelease's handbook.  I also enjoyed the comments from parents, teachers, and extended caregivers that follow this review. 

Here is another article called Reading Aloud - Is it Worth It?  The author Jim Trelease talks with Education World about the value of reading aloud.


Checkpoints for Progress in Reading & Writing for Families and Communities was developed by a subgroup of the America Reads Challenge: READ*WRITE*NOW! Partners Group.  This resource easily explains the reading and writing skills children should attain at each age/grade level.  The checklist not only includes skill expectations but also includes strategies and a reading list to help your child at each developmental level. 

Their information also includes numerous literacy resources, federal sources for assistance, and sources of assistance if your child has a reading or learning disability.

Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project funded by the US Department of Education.  They offer numerous resources on how kids learn to read, why so many struggle and how adults can help.  This organization includes information on building skills at home, early signs of trouble and reading resources to supporty children in learning to read.

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