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Family Fun - Inspiring Rainbow Stories


God's Rainbow Dream
Some years ago my pastor came to me and suggested that I enter into training within the church to become a Certified Lay Pastor.  This would involve two years of intense study, homework and I wasn't really sure that I was up for this.  I was older and was employed full time in nursing.  I had anticipated one time in my life I would go to seminary but it just didn't work out.  And now here is my pastor suggesting a new way for me to serve God.  I prayed about it.  I agreed to go to an informational meeting about the program with some hesitation and with all kinds of excuses why I couldn't do this.  I wasn't smart enough and on and on.  The meeting was on the other side of the Mississippi and as I crossed the bridge on my way back from the meeting in a pouring down rainstorm... I prayed for guidance and direction and asked God "You don't really want me to do this, RIGHT?"  The skies opened up as I crossed the bridge, and the biggest most beautiful perfect double rainbow appeared.  I had my answer, I completed the course, and for the past 12 years have been a Commissioned Lay Pastor serving a small church.  ...and who was most blessed by that rainbow....hmmm!
Jeanne Zimmerman
High Ridge, MO

Russert's Rainbow

I was stunned to hear of the sudden death of Tim Russert, moderator of "Meet the Press".  The world was saddened by the loss of this talented man.  In the midst of the pain came a miraculous promise of comfort.  Mr. Russert's memorial service ended with the playing of the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".  News reports indicated that minutes later as mourners were leaving the Kennedy Center in Washington...a double rainbow appeared covering almost the entire city!  What a big message for the world!  Mr. Russert may be gone from this earth but his "gift" will shine forever.
Michelle Zimmerman

The Rainbow Revival
I experienced a pivotal life changing moment with a rainbow while driving to work one day.  I was moving fast through morning traffic with my daily "to-do" list spinning around in my head.  I caught a glimpse of a rainbow out of the corner of my eye, but was too busy thinking about people craziness, a report due, and endless upcoming phone calls.  I remembered the rainbow a few minutes later but it was gone.    I was deeply upset and mad at myself.  Not being in the present moment made me miss out on God's colorful handprint.  Rainbows appear frequently in Florida but now I make it a point to find everyone! Whenever or wherever I see a rainbow I pause...and think about the rainbow's beauty...and all the great blessings in my life.  I will never miss a rainbow again.
Jill Roberts
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Raining Rainbows
Michelle Zimmerman was my son's speech-language pathologist several years ago.  She gave me the rainbow picture on Rainbow Boulevard.  The rainbow pic brought me much needed encouragement during a challenging time in my life.  But then several days later, she handed me a parent guidebook about having a child with language delays/disorders.  In the back of the book was a listing of parent resources.  Guess what?  A specialty center on THE Rainbow Boulevard in Kansas was listed as a contact!  We were both amazed at the rainbow timing.  The rainbows somehow let me know that everything was going to be okay.  My son no longer receives speech/language services!  Thank you God.
Diane Burgwin
Setauket, NY

A Rainbow Aroma
My dearly beloved husband Jack passed away on 6/15/04.  At that time, I received many flowers, cards, and well wishes.  However, there was one beautifully wrapped basket full of fragrant soaps and candles that I left unopened... until 6/19/08.  Four years later, almost to the day, I decided to open my potpourri pretties.  Deep inside the container was a book called Silver Lining: Prayers of Comfort-A Gift of Hope. The cover picture features a rainbow.  My rainbow present gave me such a boost - almost like a message from him.  That God came up with this colorful curved line arching over the sky is wondrous.
Susan Hunt Chandler
Lompoc, California

Rainbows Live Everywhere
Rainbows are special to me because they are God's promise in the sky.  A rainbow connects heaven and earth.  I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky the day my grandmother passed away...

Rainbows Live Everywhere by Paula Timpson
Rainbows live everywhere

On dogs and cats white, white fur,

Rainbows enter in

From stained glass windows


Grapes & apples shine love-

Cherries & berries bring sparkles

To your eyes...

On soft, pink dogwood petals,

Rainbows breathe lightness...

Inside white -wind

Are trillions of baby rainbows

Breathing life-

*Double rainbows




Grace in the heart of

Your soul

A whale's tail lifts and

You find a rainbow inside the Big Dipper and

A unicorn lives in your imagination -he is your friend,

Wearing a rainbow on his horn-

Rainbows come

When you look up

To discover

The moment you trust

A rainbow is




Paula Timpson
Stony Brook, NY

Flying the Friendly Skies
It was early June 2006.  I had just left my dying father behind in Goa.  I was bitter and complaining as I boarded a flight from Goa to Mumbai.  I took my seat questioning God about Dad's longsuffering.  When I looked out the airplane window I saw a quarter of a rainbow.  On the 15th of July 2006, my dad concluded 95 years of his life.  -We rushed back to Goa for the funeral.  As I boarded the aircraft I thanked God for blessing my dad with long life.  I thanked God that my dad was no longer suffering.  I thanked God that I could make the funeral... this time with my husband and son.  My journey back to Mumbai was one of thanksgiving.  We landed at Mumbai domestic airport and suddenly my son yelled "Mum, look up".  I turned only to behold the biggest, longest and most beautiful FULL rainbow stretched across the sky!
Virginia Creado
Safat, Kuwait

Do you have your own story of how a rainbow may have touched your life in some way?  We would love to hear your rainbow experience of hope, peace, joy... or even a miracle!  Your rainbow will surely brighten someone's day.  Click here to give us your rainbow storyClick here to find out how a real rainbow was the inspiration behind Rainbow Star Books. 

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